Do Him (and Yourself) a Christmas Favor—Forget the Hints

Now that Thanksgiving is past, Christmas shopping is officially underway. This is often a particularly stressful time for husbands trying to buy the right gift for wives. My advice: tell him what you want. I admit it. I like surprises. I’m also a really good guesser, which makes for a terrible combination. I remember times […]

The Key to Success in Life (This one and, most likely, the Next)

What if the key to success is just as simple and basic as self-control and delayed gratification? Of course, that may seem simple and basic, but in a world that generally promotes the immediate gratification of every desire and impulse, those qualities are increasingly rare. Consider the following story. In the 1960s, Walter Mischel, a […]

Honesty is Still the Best Policy

I stumbled upon an online article in “Daily Mail,” written by a UK journalist, called “Can love survive without the little white lies?” It starts with the idea that there are some things best left unsaid, like unedited opinions about a partner’s idiosyncrasies or personal characteristics. Okay, that’s fair, though I don’t think considerate restraint […]