A Quick Christmas Post

Merry Christmas!

You know, if you’d told me even five years ago that the day would come when every time I said “Merry Christmas” I’d feel like an activist, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I used to mix it up, saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” without a second thought. Now, like it or not, I’ve developed Seasonal Salutation Sensitivity. And, lest I be mistaken for an anti-Christmas-ite, I use the former greeting with careful consistency. In another five years, who knows, maybe saying “Merry Christmas” will identify me as a member of the Resistance.

Well, as Anne Coulter said, respectfully, of Jesus Christ in a television interview, “After 2000, He’s still ticking people off.” I’m glad I’m not a part of that group. I celebrate His birth, His life, His sacrifice, and His glorious resurrection.

As part of that celebration, I love to review and ponder some of His other names. Last night, for part of our Christmas Eve devotional, those of us who are home for Christmas shared what some of our favorite names for Christ are. The list included:

Alpha and Omega



The Prince of Peace

The King of Kings

Redeemer of Israel

The Lamb of God

Help of the Helpless (see the first verse, last line of “Abide With Me”)

The Author and Finisher of our faith

The Bright and Morning Star

Enjoy the Day. And MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.

(Part Two of the last post will be coming soon.)