California Huntington Beach North Stake Women’s Conference

MARCH 13th — California Huntington Beach North Stake, Women’s Conference

  1. Sister Wilson says:

    Thank you so much Sister Dr. Anderson for your amazingly insightful yet applicable and truly inspiring message yesterday!
    I can’t wait to buy (tomorrow Monday naturally) read and apply your book, Choosing Glory. I enjoyed how real you are and how much what you have to say is relevant to the challenges (meaning responsibilities) we face being members of the church and parents in our very me first, give me world (Telestial). As a parent of five I appreciate your blunt declaration regarding parenting skills. You are exactly right! The principles of gospel-centered parenting are now so available and simple to learn there is no excuse for not being well educated on effective parenting skills, especially within the gospel. What a tender tribute given to you and your work by your sweet husband (your driver).

    On a personal note: My husband and I are blessed with the privilege of raising a family of children who were cast aside by their birthparents and we are determined to do everything possible to reach our full potential individually and as a family. What we do with our lives means so much, as we have learned from the amazing accomplishments of our children who were born into a very different life. It seems that our challenges ARE our rewards in this life and the process of finding our final state of glory is, while a challenge at every step, one of great fulfillment and joy. Eternity is truly at hand and a state of being.

    Thank you for spreading this message of happiness, when I grow up, or my kids do actually, I hope to be an inspiration and touch lives in the ways that you touched ours yesterday. I hope to hear you both speak again soon, thank you for sharing your knowledgeable voice (a gifted talent) with so many of us.

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