The Trouble With Giving Advice

The Trouble with Giving Advice There are at least two potential problems with advice-giving. First, it attempts to move the person in pain prematurely forward to rational problem-solving. Most of us are aware that when in the grip of strong emotion, it’s difficult to think all that rationally, so it’s not really a good idea to consider solutions until after the emotions have been released and lessened...

Salt Lake City Wasatch Stake Relief Society Event

MAY 4th — Salt Lake City Wasatch Stake Relief Society Event, 7:30 p.m.

Las Vegas Lone Mountain Stake Adult Fireside

Las Vegas Lone Mountain Stake, Adult Fireside–because of a last minute cancellation of another speaker, Chris and I filled in for the March fireside of this three month event. We were there on March 14th and will not be coming in April. Thanks to so many of our Las Vegas friends who came to see us.

California Huntington Beach North Stake Women’s Conference

MARCH 13th — California Huntington Beach North Stake, Women’s Conference

California San Clemente Stake Family Fair Kick-off Event

MARCH 5th — California San Clemente Stake, Family Fair Kick-off Event, 7 p.m.

Marriage Seminar

MARRIAGE SEMINAR, $15 per person, Thursday evenings, February 25th, March 25th, April 22nd. For information, call 801-870-3718.

Q&A: Challenging Child

QUESTION My husband and I have two little boys and a baby on the way. I am especially concerned about my son who just turned four.  He is physically healthy and strong for his age and looks like he is two years older than he really is.  He is a loving brother and smart boy, however, at times he is defiant and sometimes gets out-of-control with aggression if I follow through with him in any physical...
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