A Necessary Delay

Apologies to those who check my blog for not posting this week. My husband, Chris, is in Haiti with the Church medical team and that rather dramatically impacted my week. Chris was the pioneer of CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) in LDS Family Services. While director of the Nevada Agency, he connected with the Red Cross and had his agency certified as disaster mental health workers. (That...

Q&A Dealing with Sexual Abuse

QUESTION Last February we found out my brother-in-law had been sexually molesting two of my children this was confirmed by him. In the flurry of activity that followed including reporting the abuse to the police and his excommunication from the church, it was revealed that there has been extensive incest in my husband’s family both between siblings and by the maternal grandfather. This brother-in-law...

Message For Moms

My new year started busy so I’ve been slower than I had hoped in posting. Here is a very brief post to get me back on track for 2010. This is a video clip of Nicole Johnson, a bestselling author, performer, and motivational speaker. Nicole has faced a number of personal challenges, including the divorce of her parents, childhood loneliness, loved ones with breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease,...
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