Interview with Michelle Ashman Bell

An LDS fiction author, Michele Ashman Bell, posted an interview she did with Lili about her new book, Choosing Glory. It includes a biographical sketch that will also give you some news about Lili and her family. Link to article

Honesty is Still the Best Policy

I stumbled upon an online article in “Daily Mail,” written by a UK journalist, called “Can love survive without the little white lies?” It starts with the idea that there are some things best left unsaid, like unedited opinions about a partner’s idiosyncrasies or personal characteristics. Okay, that’s fair, though I don’t think considerate restraint should be called lying. But the article...

Married Dating Rules

You’d think it would be easy, but even married dating varies in quality. My husband, Chris, had just finished graduate school in Norman, Oklahoma. We started grad school with two kids and ended twenty-two months later with four kids (very productive period for the family). During that time we were so broke almost never had extra money for babysitters and dating. After graduation, Chris got his first...

Underground Atheists—Another Case for Pro-Active Parenting

A coalition of eight atheist organizations have purchased a month-long ad campaign that will feature posters in subway stations throughout Manhattan. The posters ask: “A million New Yorkers are good without God. Are you?” The stated purpose of the campaign is “to raise awareness about people who don’t believe in God.” (See THIS article, for more about the subway ads.) The atheist coalition...

Answering a Question: Are your books available anywhere in the Orem area?

To the individual who said they would be in the Orem area on Saturday: The book is now being distributed by Deseret Book, however it will take a while for all the DB stores to have it in stock and I can’t be sure it will be in Orem DB stores by this Saturday. However, please email me–you can do that through this website–and there are some alternatives we could probably work out for...

We Think We Know What’s Going On . . . .

You may know this story, but I think it’s always worth reviewing. A woman returning home from overseas had an extended layover in an airport in Europe. To help pass the time, she bought a carton of milk, a package of cookies, and a newspaper. With her arms full made her way to a waiting area where there was a small table with seats on either side. A few minutes later, as she was reading the paper,...

Choosing a Safe Husband (or Wife)

On many occasions, with single students and clients, I’ve heard what kind of person is being sought as a future husband or wife. Descriptions include, “She needs to have a strong testimony,” or “He needs to really love the Lord.” Faithful individuals desire faithful partners with whom they can progress to the celestial kingdom, so it may seem logical to focus on those kinds of celestial characteristics....

Parenting Really Is Tougher These Days

Over the last couple of decades, I have heard more and more parents express frustration that their children treat them with disrespect. “I would never have spoken to my parents the way my children speak to me,” they complain. Frustrated parents have gone to their own parents and asked what they did to command basic respect. These grandparents consider for a moment and then usually respond, “We...

It’s Not Just Communication

Years ago, I met with a husband and wife who had been married for about ten years and who had four children. They were ready to file for divorce, but their bishop had made them promise to meet with a counselor a few times before doing so. Not exactly a promising beginning. Nevertheless, I asked them what, if anything, might save their marriage. They both agreed that their problem was communication....

Don’t Laugh at Letterman(‘s Adultery)

David Letterman, on one of his recent shows, confessed to his audience that someone was trying to blackmail him because he had sex with women on his staff. The audience laughed throughout the revelation and then gave him a round of applause when he concluded. As a society, we are now amused by and apparently approving of adultery and sexual relationships between a married employer and his employees. Systematic...
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