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In Choosing Glory, Dr. Anderson invites you to consider the doctrine of celestial, terrestrial, and telestial realms, and how here on earth each of those realms is manifest through individuals, behaviors, institutions, and ways of life.

Learn how the laws of each realm apply to our life choices, partner selection, marriage, parenting, stress management, and progression.

Dr. Anderson invites us to recognize that in every day decisions, we are . . . Choosing Glory.

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  1. Stan Johnson says:

    I just finished this book this afternoon. (9/1/09) Even before I was done, I was contemplating who I wanted to recommend it to, and I’ve already got a list of people I intend to refer this book to.

    Dr. Anderson’s book is elegant, pragmatic, and immediately applicable. She treats the subject in a conversational–but no-nonsense–tone that makes sense, and can work for anyone who will take the time to apply the principles.

    It is by no means a pie-in-the-sky work, and I think that’s great, especially given the number of Latter-Day Saints who seem to despair over all their imperfections, and don’t realise that they’re trying to jump past the “Can’t skip” step that she discusses.

    Her insights into human behaviour are right on the money. She’s very realistic about the fact that people have faults, while being neither condemning, nor lowering expectations of our potential as children of God.

    I’m more than a little glad I bought this book, grateful for the new way of looking at things that it offers. It’s always great to get a fresh view of the gospel, and how it applies in one’s life.

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