Years ago I bought your little book “A Better Way” after you spoke in our stake in Parker, CO. I love this book and all you teach in it. My daughter really wants this book, but we don’t see it available. Is it available? If not, which of your other books do you recommend? Which one most closely teaches what is in that book?


Wow, that’s an echo from the past :).

A Better Way was written almost a dozen years ago, in response to the requests of my students at BYU. They wanted a written version of my lectures. When all those copies were gone, I rewrote the book, adding additional material to the same outlineĀ  and–although it never went through professional editing, so forgive the typos–it became Family Foundations. Actually, there was probably another step in between but it ended up at Family Foundations. I still have a few copies left and it’s available on the website.

However, I think you would also find additional value in Choosing Glory, which is available both on my website and at Deseret Book. Choosing Glory takes the 3 realms model and applies it to mate selection, marriage, parenting, victimization, and personal growth. That book did go through professional editing :).

Just FYI, I’m taking this week off my private practice to try to finish a first draft of a book on healthy emotional boundaries. It’s a book I’ve been wanting to write for years but my practice and my involvement as president of a nonprofit–AMCAP (the Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists)–have left me with little writing time. I hope it will be available before too long, as well, so stay tuned :).

Thanks for your interest.

Best wishes,
Lili Anderson

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